The CA FWD Young Leaders Advisory Council is composed of Californians ages 16-24 from diverse backgrounds who are committed to intergenerational collaboration in engaging underrepresented communities with the policy-making process through personal narratives and data-based recommendations.

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Council News

CA FWD Young Leaders Advisory Council Releases 2022 Call to Action
1024 576 Armando Sepulveda

Read this year’s recommended actions toward climate resiliency, educational equity and criminal justice reform

PolicyWise S3 E8: Young Leaders Take the Stage at the California Economic Summit
1024 576 Nadine Ono

A special look back at the Summit session featuring members of the CA FWD’s Young Leaders Advisory Council

Young Leaders Collaborate to Envision Broadband for All in California
1024 576 Sauntharya Manikandan and Maxwell Johnson

CA FWD Young Leaders Advisory Council partners with NEO Connect to increase access to broadband in the Central Sierra

Member of CA FWD Young Leaders Advisory Council Elected to Lead CSU Student Association
854 480 Michael Wiafe and Nadine Ono

Isaac Alferos aims to address educational and basic needs gaps only made worse by the pandemic

PolicyWise Podcast

PolicyWise S3 E11: School Closures in Oakland with Carroll Fife
1024 576 Nadine Ono

This week’s episode features the Oakland city councilmember and a discussion about educational equity and leadership

PolicyWise S3 E10: Let’s Climatize!
1024 576 Nadine Ono

A co-founder of a renewable energy crowdfunding investment platform talks to the PolicyWise podcast crew

PolicyWise Season 3 Episode 9: Automatic College Enrollment
1024 576 Nadine Ono

This week’s episode explores an innovative idea for high school students: guaranteed enrollment in community college

The Young Leaders Advisory Council is a partnership between CA FWD and the Youth Leadership Institute