CA FWD Comments on Governor Newsom’s Budget Revision
960 540 CA FWD

Finally, the plan for an equitable economic recovery includes meaningful planning for an equitable economic recovery. CA FWD is encouraged that Governor Newsom is taking advantage of this historic opportunity to invest in our communities, our economy and our future. Investing in California and Californians now is precisely what is necessary to ensure more have…

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Remembering Cruz Reynoso
1024 576 Jim Mayer

Former California Supreme Court Justice and founding member of CA FWD’s Leadership Council demonstrated a passion for justice and equality for all people without exception

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How Southern California tribes work to close the digital divide
960 540 Nadine Ono

Broadband access will remain a priority for Native American Californians who have the lowest amount of access of any demographic

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Regions Rising Webinar to Explore Rebuilding of Regional Economies
1024 576 CA FWD

Framework for inclusive economic planning making its way through Legislature

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Organizing locally to make best use of relief funds
720 405 Kate Roberts

How California’s regions must get prepared to put COVID-19 recovery funds to the best use

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Looking at the Redwood Coast through the California Dream Index
1024 576 Patrick Atwater

The complexities and challenges of the region are shown in CA FWD’s regional data platform

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