Mariah Bickham

Mariah Bickham is a leader who wants to improve equity in the lives of people who live in Northern California. Growing up in Lake County, Mariah understands the struggles and inequalities that many communities face. This fueled her drive for change and drew her into getting my bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Sacramento State University. After graduation Mariah took a gap year where she held two jobs, one at the California State Assembly and one at a nonprofit, the Arc of California. Both jobs allowed her to gain the necessary skills and confidence to join the Executive Fellowship Program. This fellowship expanded her opportunities and knowledge of how to be a champion for her community. Mariah’s mission is to improve and elevate communities in Northern California through education, income and resource equality. Her experiences and leadership style is to lead with compassion and empathy. Mariah hopes that through the Young Leaders Advisory Council she will be able to help communities like mine.