Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee (he/him) is a rising sophomore at Stanford University, studying public policy and education, and the founder and executive director of GENup. A proud graduate of California public schools and a Bay Area native, he has been deeply involved in California education policy since ninth grade and envisions an interconnected education system where student voice and leadership help drive policy creation. GENup is now California’s largest youth-led education advocacy organization, and has become an influential youth voice representing California’s students in the most pressing conversations on education policy.

Alvin also serves as a member of the California100 Commission, a project incubated by Stanford University and UC Berkeley that will help advance and develop our vision and strategy for California’s next century. He is also a founding member of the California Department of Education’s first Youth Advisory Council, where students utilize youth voice to shape education-policy affecting all of California’s 6.3 million public school students. Alvin is also a co-founder of the California Student Board Member Association