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Equitable Economies

The Equitable Economies Project builds on a template created by regional development efforts, such as Fresno DRIVE and IEGO, to assist local community-based organizations in cultivating regional economies from the ground up – from communities up.

Through the Equitable Economies Project, regional and local stewards leverage a proven economic growth model that has the ability to lift up and deliver for racial, geographic, and economic communities left behind by the old ways of doing economic development.

California Dream Index

The California Dream Index tracks 10 outcome measures that influence economic security, mobility, and inclusion through a common platform that allows in-depth and comparison of data across the state. These multi-factor set of metrics are designed to provide a mechanism for holding public policymakers and private sector actors accountable for the impact of their actions on the lives of Californians. 

The index consists of three parts: The index as a tool, a portal linking to granular region and issue-specific indices, and a robust community of practice that spurs policy and collective action across the state.

California Economic Summit

Produced by CA FWD and our California Stewardship Network, the California Economic Summit is built upon the principle that regional approaches to economic problem-solving are critical to advancing the state’s strategy of building an inclusive and sustainable economy where all can prosper.

Powered by year-round, policy-centered work groups, the Summit is a vehicle to put forth policy recommendations that transform regions, such as initiatives to create more homes, more skilled workers, and more quality jobs.

Most recently, the Summit’s work has focused on regional economic development planning (including the Fresno DRIVE showcase), improving interconnectivity across regions (i.e. broadband, rail, workforce, water), elevating rural California, and addressing poverty and inclusion head-on. In alliance with statewide partners, the Summit’s diverse network of public, private and civic leaders is uniquely positioned to develop the type of dynamic solutions necessary to address the deep-seated challenges currently facing Californians. Learn how you can become a Summit Sponsor.

Work Groups

Work groups are the primary vehicle through which CA FWD advances specific policy action areas that are critical to driving shared prosperity and greater economic mobility for all Californians. Given the interconnectedness of these areas, work groups actively collaborate on policy recommendations and proposals. They currently include:

Increasing Community Investment
Immediate economic stimulus by funding housing and infrastructure
• Matt Horton, Milken Institute
• Larry Kosmont, Kosmont Companies
• Mark Pisano, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy

Expanding Homeownership
Creating wealth through racial and geographic equity In affordable home ownership
• Jennifer LeSar, LeSar Development Consultants
• Timothy Hsu, California Housing Finance Agency
• Adam Briones/John Gamboa, California Community Builders

Ensuring Broadband for All
Bridging the digital divide
• Trish Kelly, Valley Vision
• Eduardo González, CSU Fresno Office of Community & Economic Development
• Jason Schwenkler, North State Planning and Development Collective

Investing in Small Businesses Owned by People of Color
Redressing racial inequity through access to capital
• Josaline Cuesta, Small Business Majority
• Tara Lynn Gray, California Office of the Small Business Advocate
• Pat Fong Kushida, CalAsian Chamber

Providing Meaningful Career Pathways
Connecting the next generation to work-based learning opportunities
• Jessica Ku Kim, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
• Heddy Nam, UNITE-LA
• Su Jin Jez, California State University, Sacramento
• Michael Wiafe, CA FWD Young Leaders Advisory Council

Empowering Resilient and Productive Landscapes
Meeting climate goals by reducing wildfire risk and supporting rural communities
• Glenda Humiston, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
• Steve Frisch, Sierra Business Council
• Bill Tripp, Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources

Becky Morgan Steward Leadership Program

The Becky Morgan Steward Leadership Program invites local leaders to deepen their understanding of regional and statewide policy issues, hone their decision-making skills, and unite with other leaders to learn, grow, and change California. The learning objectives of the program aim to develop an awareness and commitment to practicing stewardship, building coalitions, leading consciously, and incorporating “triple-bottom-line” approaches into community-based solutions and decision-making.

During the yearlong program, participants meet virtually and in-person across different regions of the state and have the opportunity to interact with members of CSN who are dedicated to collaborative problem-solving.

Young Leaders Advisory Council

Through CA FWD, CSN, and the Summit, the Young Leaders Advisory Council operates within an established hub that successfully activates young leaders committed to an intergenerational approach to solution-building that calls forth a more equitable and just California.

Comprised of young leaders ages 16-23, the council strives to advance access to greater economic prosperity for all Californians, specifically marginalized youth and young adults. With members representing different regions, races, ethnicities, and communities throughout the state, they are poised to address both local and statewide issues that greatly impact next-generation voices through data-driven advocacy, civic engagement, coalition building, and policy development.

The California Forward Action Fund strives to improve the quality of life for all Californians by advocating for policies that create inclusive, sustainable growth and improved government at the state and local levels. The Action Fund is the advocacy arm of California Forward.


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