Young Leaders Advisory Council Application

We’re on a mission to make sure – no matter what circumstances you were born into or what social category you’ve been assigned – that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams and succeed! To that end, we recognize the future is now and it is time for all of us to be the leaders we want to see. Right now Gen Z is unrepresented in the California Legislature and many of the issues that are facing our generation are not being addressed. It’s time to join the decision-making table.

The CA FWD Young Leaders Advisory Council is looking for new members to help join our efforts to make an equitable state for all Californians. We are seeking motivated change makers, to help shift the traditional policy discussions. We exercise conscious inclusion and look for opportunities to make sure the council reflects the state and even more so – the state that we want to see.

YLAC membership is a voluntary professional development opportunity. In addition to participating in the California Economic Summit, members are regularly invited to present publicly to various audiences including policy professionals, state legislators, business leaders, government employees and more. You can expect to contribute anywhere from 5-10 hours per month working with us. This will go up to 10-15 hours per month closer to the California Economic Summit in October.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about public policy and legislation while getting hands-on experience.

CA FWD is guided by a triple-bottom-line approach of economic mobility, social equity and environmental resilience. If you are interested in joining us, we invite you to complete our application by end of the day Friday, June 17. Thank you!

Qualifications for YLAC Membership

  • □ Age 16-23 by June 30, 2022
  • □ Interested in public policy, public affairs, community narratives, community organizing, civil rights, or similar efforts
  • □ Willing to collaborate with a team and consider different ideas for solutions
  • □ Value data-based solutions and recommendations
  • □ Ability to do research and find sources to support recommendations and positions

“The Economic Summit has been one of my greatest professional learning experiences to date. I had the opportunity to contribute to active relevant policy discussions that are impacting the state’s actions. As a new civil service professional, my work with the Summit has been invaluable.” – Stephanie Estrada, YLAC Member


Young Leaders Advisory Council New Member Application

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