PolicyWise Podcast: Madera Youth Talk About Pandemic’s Impact on Community

1024 576 Nadine Ono

How did youth in Madera experience the COVID-19 pandemic? That’s the subject of this week’s episode of PolicyWise (S3, E16) as six young people from Madera discuss what their lives were like during the pandemic and quarantine and how that time has changed them.

This discussion is part of Vaccinate all 58, a program to encourage all eligible California residents to get vaccinated. The youth discussion also includes information about the COVID-19 vaccine, why it’s important to get vaccinated and what to expect when you get the vaccine.

The PolicyWise podcast is a partnership between Youth Leadership Institute and CA FWD and can be heard on Spotify, Apple PodcastsStitcherBreaker AudioRadioPublicPocket Casts and Overcast.


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