Our Team
Lavera Pic
Lavera Alexander
Chief Strategy Officer
Patrick Atwater
Patrick Atwater
Senior Research Analyst
Isa Avanceña
Policy Manager
Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth
Project Manager
Stephanie Gerbick
Associate Director of Development
John Guenther headshot
John Guenther
Associate Director of Digital Communications
Ish Herrera
Executive Director of the California Stewardship Network
Lauren Jeglinski
Administrative Manager
Jennifer Khy
Programs Manager
Deb Kollars
Senior Policy Advisor
David Loaeza 2
Davíd Loaeza
Regional Coordinator
Susan Lovenburg
Susan Lovenburg
Senior Advisor
Jennifer Lovett
Associate Director of Public Policy
Madeleine McDaid
Administrative Coordinator
David Nelson
Executive Director, California Forward Action Fund
Nadine Ono
Content Advisor
Araceli Palafox
Associate Director of Programs
Annalisa Siregar-Wurm
Associate Director of Regional Stewardship
Amit Thakkar
Vice President of Public Policy & Research
Sarah Walsh
Associate Director of Communications
Stephanie Webber
Administrative Coordinator, CA FWD Action Fund