Gov. Brown’s veto puts budget back in lawmakers’ court

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Governor Brown has vetoed the budget put forth by democrats in the legislature, kicking the can back to lawmakers instead of down the road again.

“Unfortunately, the budget I have received is not a balanced solution,” said Brown in a statement posted on YouTube. “It continues big deficits for years to come and adds billions of dollars of new debt. It also contains legally questionable maneuvers, costly borrowing and unrealistic savings. Finally, it is not financeable and therefore will not allow us to meet our obligations as they occur.”

Brown then chided Republican lawmakers for failing to engage in the process or allowing Californians to vote on whether to extend the tax increases he proposed in his budget plan.

“We can – and must – do better,” said Brown. “A balanced budget is critical to our economic recovery.”

“I am, once again, calling on Republicans to allow the people of California to vote on tax extensions for a balanced budget and significant reform,” he said. “If they continue to obstruct a vote, we will be forced to pursue deeper and more destructive cuts to schools and public safety– a tragedy for which Republicans will bear full responsibility.”

CA Fwd Executive Director Jim Mayer applauded the governor’s move to continue championing a budget that brings California’s finances into balance and reflects the demands of the people of the state.

“In addition to an on-time budget, Californians want one that is honestly balanced and will spend their money wisely,” Mayer said. “California Forward encourages lawmakers to pass a budget plan that encourages accountability, transparency, and performance, and once and for all deals with the myriad problems that threaten to bring our state to its knees if the can is kicked down the road once again.”

“While Californians — and their elected leaders — disagree about some policy choices, we have heard strong support for budget reforms that would deliver these reforms,” said Mayer. “As the Governor and Lawmakers renew their debate, they could begin to restore the public’s confidence by making sure the next version of the budget includes reforms supported by Californians of all political stripes.”

Lawmakers say they were surprised by the governor’s veto. They had stood to lose their pay for each day the budget was late. However, since they passed a budget on time, even though it was vetoed, their pay will not be docked.

Gina Baleria is communications manager at CA Fwd.


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