State Budget

CA FWD Comments on Governor Newsom’s 2021-22 Budget Proposal
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(Photo: Violeta Vaqueiro) California Forward (CA FWD) congratulates Governor Newsom and the Legislature for their leadership in navigating a historically difficult year. As a proponent of fiscal responsibility and the…

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Newsom Budget Points to a Regional, Inclusive Way Forward
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Funds supporting a regions-up approach to solving problems aligns with CA Fwd and Summit priorities

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CA Fwd’s Comments on Governor Newsom’s 2020-21 Budget Proposal
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Funding for regional solutions that bring together public, private, and civic leaders is key to solving California’s challenges

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CA Fwd: Moving CA From Red Ink to a Reserve
610 200 Ed Coghlan

How CA took a leap forward in creating a more stable state budget picture

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CA Fwd — Approaching a Decade of Making a Difference
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Ten years into an era of reform, California’s outlook has been shaped by public desire for change in how government served the people.

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