Jerry Brown

Governor Brown goes to Washington
440 220 Ed Coghlan

California’s governor sent message to President Trump about where they could work together and where they may clash

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Reader Poll: Who won, Neel Kashkari or Gov. Brown?
150 150 John Guenther

Did the gubernatorial debate change your opinion of either candidate?

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CA Fwd on bipartisan rainy day fund legislation: “Meaningful” solution for “significant” problem
150 150 Justin Ewers

In testimony before the Senate and Assembly budget committees today, CA Fwd reiterated how important it is to manage spikes to end the cycle of boom-and-bust budgeting that has crippled the state’s fiscal system over the last decade—and caused billions in cuts to state programs.

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CA Fwd supports new Rainy Day Fund framework, highlights two ways to strengthen proposal
150 150 Justin Ewers

Governor to speak at special session of Legislature on fund that would capture funds during booms to be used in down times. Here’s how the reform can be improved.

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Governor’s proposal on Infrastructure Financing Districts needs bolstering
150 150 Fred Silva

Read testimony provided to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on behalf our sister org the California Economic Summit that details exactly how IFD authority must be expanded in order to safeguard infrastructure financing and economic development

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Gov. Brown’s State of the State address presents a California moving forward
150 150 Phillip Ung

This year’s State of the State address shows how CA Fwd’s governance and fiscal reforms are not only working, but have permeated the governing mantra of the state’s chief executive.

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CAFwd’s comments to Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State
150 150 Jim Mayer

While we applaud the Governor and Legislature for the progress they have achieved in bringing government a bit closer to the people, the job to improve and reform California is not nearly done. Indeed, we have much more work ahead of us.

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Governor’s budget proposal brings fiscal prudence to California
150 150 Matthew Grant Anson

Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget is a major step toward replacing governance based on boom-and-bust cycles in favor of a restrained approach where things don’t just fall apart when the next inevitable downturn comes along.

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Gov.’s budget proposal puts money toward better public safety outcomes
150 150 Christopher Nelson

If the spirit and letter of this budget on the public safety front remain intact after the Legislative gauntlet, we see big gains ahead on all fronts.

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