Comprehensive fiscal reform: How long can we wait?

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Even with 100 “extra” days to finish their work, the Legislature and Governor fell well short of including comprehensive budget reform in the final 2010 budget.

Also, in eight days, we will have voted in yet another statewide election that will not include comprehensive budget reform.

If you think California can do better — manage taxpayer money better, deliver services better, plan for the future better — please join us by endorsing the California Forward Fiscal Reform Plan:

Our plan includes the following common-sense, nonpartisan ideas:

• Require budgets to spell out what spending is expected to achieve and how program performance will be measured

• Implement rigorous performance reviews for all state programs

• Require multi-year budget planning and forecasting

• Ensure all new programs, tax cuts, and ballot measures are paid for before being enacted

• Capture one-time revenue spikes and limit use to one-time expenditures, starting with paying down debt and filling the rainy day fund

• Lower the vote requirement to pass a budget, in combination with the rest of these reforms

These proposals are supported by a broad coalition of voters, experts, and leaders. They represent fundamental change for our state. Even though elected leaders failed to act, we haven’t given up — and we want you to join the fight.

With your support, California Forward can build a multipartisan, statewide coalition of partners in support of real fiscal reform that can win at the ballot box — and help turn California around.

If you think California can do better and this approach looks right to you, endorse the plan today.

Zabrae Valentine is Executive Director of the California Forward Action Fund.


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