Fiscal Reform Plan

Budget projections fall behind already, substantive reform needed
150 150 Gina Baleria

“It didn’t take long for California’s optimistic budget to fall behind in tax revenues,” said the Sacramento Bee’s Kevin Yamamura. Less than two weeks after the rosy-outlook budget was passed, the projections it was built on have started to come unraveled.

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What the Framework poll results tell us
150 150 Richard Raya

Over the last few weeks, we asked Californians to weigh in on the latest summary of the Smart Government Framework, an outline course of action to restructure the relationship between state and local governments to produce better results.

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Improving governance through restructuring
150 150 California Special District

California Special District recently interviewed CA Fwd Executive Director Jim Mayer about how CA Fwd believes governance in California should be restructured, what smart government requires, and how Governor Jerry Brown’s budget proposal could help work toward all of this.

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Californians want real solutions
150 150 Fred Keeley and Bruce McPherson

After four consecutive years of budget deficits, Californians are wise to the accounting gimmicks and short-term fillers that keep California lurching from budget year to budget year without the kind of stable system in place that protects the programs they need and want.

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Why restructuring government is the only way to fix California
150 150 John Guenther

A week after Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal was released, details of his spending and revenue plans have begun to come into focus—along with the first wave of showdowns with those his cuts will most impact (with much of the early attention going to redevelopment agencies and enterprise zone developers).

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The missing piece of the budget puzzle
150 150 Fred Silva

The 2011-12 budget plan introduced by Governor Brown on Monday includes major pieces of the fiscal puzzle that at long last will hopefully bring fiscal balance back to California…

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Forging a path to a stronger state
150 150 Armando Botello II

In recent days several news outlets have focused on the work of California Forward and our efforts to fix state government. While much of this may be in response…

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Silicon Valley to Jerry Brown: We need a game changer
150 150 Carl Guardino

“Game changers.” In Silicon Valley, we use this term for cutting-edge products and processes that leapfrog the competition…

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Governor-elect Brown begins long and winding road to fix state budget
150 150 Fred Silva

Word from the state Legislative Analyst on Wednesday is that the budget is scarier than we thought. But Governor-elect Jerry Brown is determined to tame the budget beast.

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