California Supreme Court won’t block Proposition 14

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Today it was announced that the California Supreme Court has decided not to hear a request to block the state’s new election process. reports

The state Supreme Court allowed California on Wednesday to go ahead with a voter-approved overhaul of primary elections, putting all candidates on the same ballot in the first round and matching the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, in the runoff.

The justices unanimously denied a request to block the measure, Proposition 14, which takes effect in January.

Prop. 14, which passed with a 54 percent majority in June, eliminates party primaries and instead requires all state and federal candidates, except those for president, to run in a single primary for each office. The top two finishers, who could both be from the same party, compete in the general election.

Bob Egelko is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle.


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