Proposition 14

Democracy Won Big in 2018
610 200 Jim Mayer

Voters across the country this year approved election reforms driven by nonpartisan, solution-minded organizations

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CA Fwd — Approaching a Decade of Making a Difference
610 200 John Guenther

Ten years into an era of reform, California’s outlook has been shaped by public desire for change in how government served the people.

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How the Top Two primary is changing California
610 200 Ed Coghlan

Observers of California politics reflect on the electoral reform, which resulted in 23 state races with candidates from the same party facing off in November.

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From the Ivory Tower to the Mean Streets of Santa Monica
610 200 Pete Peterson

Recent studies document the moderating effects of California’s Top Two primary and independent redistricting reform

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Lenny Mendonca: Hiram Johnson Would Like This California Era of Reform
150 150 Lenny Mendonca

Despite shortcomings, the state’s citizen ballot initiative process has brought important reforms to California via direct democracy.

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A Time for Bipartisan Deals
150 150 Jim Mayer

State Senator Steve Glazer, elected over a fellow Democrat via the top-two primary, pointed the way to bipartisan compromise through six new political rules he says will result in a stronger democracy.

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