Visualizing a Path to Building a California Dream For All

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This year at the California Economic Summit, we added a visually stunning method to document the ideas and concepts people generated during working sessions at the event.

The Summit work groups meet throughout the year, but it’s during the annual Summit event that policy is formed and refined during the working sessions included in the agenda. Participants attend the sessions led by state leaders and experts to discuss recommendations and work with each other to analyze those recommendations. The results from the work groups will be included in the next CA FWD Roadmap to Shared Prosperity.

During the Summit working sessions, live sketch artists from The Sketch Effect digitally created images that provided a dynamic visual summary of the conversations and brainstorming taking place. Click on the thumbnails below to view the full images.

We wanted to share the images below to demonstrate the breadth and depth of policy discussions that attendees participate in during the Summit.