VIDEO: How to build a civic tech and open data ecosystem with L.A.’s data chief

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Next week marks this year’s Sunshine Week and California Forward (CA Fwd) will participate in the open data events going on around the country by hosting the 2015 Summit on Data on March 18 in Sacramento. More info and registration here.

Taking the stage next Wednesday, the City of Los Angeles’ Chief Data Officer Abhi Nemani will take part in a conversation about the future of open data in California, along with Sherri Greenberg, professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and Emily Shaw, the national policy manager at the Sunlight Foundation.

At CA Fwd’s recent Long Beach Regional Data Forum, we spoke with Nemani about growing a region’s civic tech scene so it can more effectively benefit local governments and the residents they serve. Part one of that conversation covered how governments can generate more value from the data they’re already releasing. Watch the video above to hear about how a region can help grow a burgeoning open data ecosystem.

Following up on a year of regional forums, this year’s Summit on Data will talk about the next phase in open data and elevating the use of data across jurisdictions to encourage job creation, improve government performance and engage the public.

Register for the 2015 Summit on Data to take part in this year’s conversation.


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