Video: Getting Californians involved and engaged via Rock the Vote Campaign

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Partisan politics aside, it would appear California elected leaders agree on one thing: boosting voter turnout by making it easier, thanks to innovation and the use of technology.

Just last week, Secretary of State Debra Bowen launched online registration.  Instead of taking weeks to process your registration, it’s done in mere minutes and at your fingertips. 

Then, on Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1436, allowing voters to register up to and on election day, getting rid of the cutoff 15 days prior to the election. Although it won’t take effect until January 2014, California is showing leadership in addressing low voter turnout.

The State Department says, right now, just over 72 percent of Californians are registered to vote, up from nearly 70 percent, four years ago.  Still there are thousands of Californians who are eligible and are not registered to vote.

Events, throughout the state, on National Voter Registration Day just reinforced the importance of voting.

California Forward’s Cheryl Getuiza reports from Cal State Los Angeles. 


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