Video: Closing skills gap critical to California recovery

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Talk to anyone in the business community or in higher education and they’ll probably tell you the same thing: In order to fix the economy, the two entities must partner. The result will be a cohesive, strategic plan to improve the skills of those who are unemployed and filling the jobs that are readily available.

The California Community College system is hosting a series of regional forums around the state. The idea? Thriving regions will lead to a thriving state.

That was the key message at the first ever California Economic Summit.

The Summit formed Action Teams to tackle priority issues. The SMART Workforce Action Team is working to prioritize work-force training resources to support growth of major regional industry sectors.

With participation from both groups, it’s the belief, the state can start closing the skills gap.

California Forward attended a recent forum at Mt. San Antonio College where leaders from higher education and the business community talked about their ideas for improving the economy.


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