This week in Realignment: July 5, 2013

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It’s a long weekend, we know. Celebrating our country’s independence is a priority that we should all recognize. So in light of that, two things desreve your brief attention this week.

First, the ACLU has just released a data visualization that shows incarceration reduction by state based on 2011 data. It’s a great tool and this is reflective of every trend witnessed last year and seen so far in 2013. It’s fantastic to see the overall trend nationally moving toward a more nuanced approach to dealing with criminal behavior.

Second, UT San Diego put out a great piece this week containing this singular gist: “[I]t would be more useful at this point for state and local authorities to spend their energy talking about ways to comply with the court order safely rather than their opposition to it.” It’s a short piece with a simple message asking that we work toward a common goal.

They are both great resources in differerent ways. And with that, we bid you a fantastic holiday weekend!


Christopher Nelson

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