Students across the state endorse California Forward reforms

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The California State Students Association (CSSA) Board of Directors voted today to unanimously endorse the 2010 California Forward Fiscal Reforms that will help restore transparency and accountability in the state budgeting process.

CSSA Executive Director Miles Nevin said, “I am pleased to announce the CSSA’s decision to endorse the 2010 California Forward Fiscal Reforms because the California State University system, as well as the other publicly financed higher education systems in the state of California, are at the mercy of an antiquated state budget structure which is threatening the affordability of a world class education for an entire generation of Californians soon to be entering the workforce.”

CSSA fosters and coordinates communication among campus student associations to bring about unity in addressing campus and statewide issues affecting the individual campuses and campus student associations as well as the California State University system. CSSA provides a unified voice for over 405,000 students of the California State University system. The Association represents each of the system’s 23 campuses, which range in diversity from the northern California redwood campus of Humboldt State University to the southernmost campus of San Diego State University.


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