Reform the word of day at Milken’s California Summit

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Opening panel including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom at Milken Institute Summit California. (Photo Credit: Jim Canales/Twitter)

Good news and bad news were one of the big themes of the day at the first 2012 Milken Institute Summit in California. Panelists simultaneously lauded the state’s economy of innovation and diversity and lamented the state of education and regulation. That’s when the other big theme of the day popped up: reform. Several speakers noted that California is leaking companies badly because of uncertainty caused by regulations and the burden of the tax system. 

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom made an interesting pivot with the issue of pension reform. Newsom made the argument that advocating for pension reform is actually a progressive cause because of the need to fund vital economic and social fixes for California. 

Weren’t there? Don’t worry. Follow the conversation as it happened over Twitter with the Storify below. Our crew was also there to interview the movers and shakers of business and government to ask how we can get California back on track. Watch our blog for those coming soon. 


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