The Effort to Strengthen California’s Manufacturing Ecosystem Goes on the Road
1024 576 Nadine Ono

A critical conversation about the six key elements to maintaining a manufacturing economy is taking place around the state

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How to Build a Better Manufacturing Ecosystem in California
1024 576 Jennifer Lovett

Recommendations for sustaining and growing the job-rich sector

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Central Valley Manufacturing Summit expecting record turnout
580 200 Ed Coghlan

Event seeks to grow the region’s environment for advanced manufacturing and mid-income jobs that come with it

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Manufacturers open doors for MFG Day to change perception of jobs
580 200 John Guenther

Faced with skills gap and less-positive public perception, campaign seeks to showcase modern manufacturing as desirable career

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Commentary: Invest in training to revitalize California manufacturing
580 200 Sean Randolph

The next generation of manufacturing could use 3-D printing and other new technology, but building those industries will take investment in training.

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