Humboldt County: An Economy in Transition
580 200 Daniel Mintz

As the region’s timber and cannabis industries evolve, a diversifying economy is growing jobs in other sectors

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New Community College Pilot Helps Internationally Trained Nurses Obtain California State License
580 200 Nadine Ono

Internationally trained nurses face a difficult barrier to practice in California. Grossmont College’s Single Subject Course pilot is one example of improving the workforce pipeline by providing international healthcare workers access to courses needed obtain their state license

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Roadmap to accelerate middle-income job growth needed for California
580 200 James Gollub

State’s economy will depend on creating more jobs for Californians in the middle class, in poverty, and economically fragile.

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VIDEO: Decline of upward mobility in California must be reversed
580 200 Ed Coghlan

Whether or not California’s next generations do better than their parents has a lot to do with these local factors

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