PolicyWise S3 E7: Creating CaliforniansForAll with California’s Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday

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On the latest PolicyWise (S3, E7), California’s Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday joined host Demetria Wack to discuss volunteer opportunities and the importance of volunteerism, especially in this time political division.

“We see volunteering, civic engagement and serving as being absolutely core to our entire society,” said Friday, who was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to lead California Volunteers. It’s the state office tasked for encouraging volunteerism and civic actions to address issues within our state and mobilizing Californians to volunteer in their community.

A former Mayor of Novato and a military veteran, Fryday outlined several programs including the newly announced College Corps, a program where students can earn $10,000 to pay off student loans and college credit while serving their communities on issues ranging from climate action to education. The program is open to UC, CSU and community college students.

He says the goal of College Corps is “to create a whole general of civic minded leaders who are going to start their careers, hopefully being purpose-driven and purpose-minded and be able to graduate college with less debt.”

Other programs within California Volunteers include Climate Action Corps, Operation Feed California and AmeriCorps California.

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