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To be competitive, California businesses needs a stable and predictable government. They want their elected leaders to be accountable to them, and they want to be able to see what they are getting for their tax dollars and what the state’s more than $100 billion in public programs are achieving.

With today’s antiquated budgeting process and lack of communication between local level agencies, these ideas are more pipe dreams than anything. But the potential for change is out there. To help strengthen California’s business climate and encourage job creation, business leaders from throughout California have stepped up to support the Government Performance and Accountability Act (GPAA).

The GPAA gives business leaders a way to improve the state’s business climate through a set of common-sense approaches that every successful business in the state is already using. This measure will make it easier for businesses to invest in California and create the jobs the state needs to get back on its feet. It does this by stabilizing the budget, moving power into the hands of local community leaders, and requiring government at every level to set goals and measure their progress.

Many California business leaders have told the California Forward Action Fund that important budget reforms – including performance-based budgeting, multi-year budgeting, and pay-as-you-go – are critical to helping improve the state’s economic climate.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of the state’s pre-eminent business leaders have to say about the California Forward Action Fund’s GPAA:

“California Forward is headed in the right direction with their focus on a results-oriented state budget process.  This business savvy approach is long overdue and I am encouraged by their efforts to bring further accountability to state and local government.”

–    Gary Toebben, president and CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

“I am encouraged by the efforts undertaken by California Forward to require performance-based budgeting at the state and local level.  As in business, government budgets should be about outcomes and not just continued spending.”

–    Lucy Dunn, President and CEO, Orange County Business Council

“We have known for a long time that the California budget process is in need of an overhaul. This is why VICA is excited to support the inclusion of performance-based budgeting practices in California Forward’s GPAA.”

–    Stuart Waldman, President, Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) 

“The San Francisco Chamber supports making the California government accountable, transparent and performance based. Multi-year, performance based budgeted has been used by states and local governments for many years. Most cities in the state, including San Francisco use pay-as-you-go, balanced budgeting. Many, like San Francisco, are beginning to implement performance-based two year budgeting. State and local laws require a level of transparency unknown by the State Legislature. These reforms will produce results we need to put California back on track.”

–    San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

“The purpose of the Kern County Taxpayers Association is to bring about, through cooperative effort and communication, greater economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in all levels of government, basing its recommendations upon the analysis of facts obtained through research.  California Forward Action Fund’s Government Performance and Accountability Act (GPAA) does all of this. First, the GPAA ensures our resources will be used wisely through common sense budgeting solutions – PayGo, performance-based budgeting, and multi-year budgeting. Second, it encourages local governments and agencies to cooperate by offering additional resources for those that create Community Strategic Action Plans (CSAP). Because the GPAA will do so much to improve the way our governments handle resources and interact, KernTax wholeheartedly supports the GPAA.”

–   Michael Turnipseed, executive director, Kern County Taxpayers Association

“We endorse California Forward’s Smart Government Framework to restore solvency, transparency, and reform to governance and budgeting in Sacramento.”

–    Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce

“To be competitive, California businesses need a government that provides stability and predictability, and California Forward’s measure will provide just that. The GPAA will restore sanity to our state’s dysfunctional budget process and require government at every level to do what successful businesses in California are doing already: Set clear goals, measure their results, and then regularly review program performance before making future investments. By shifting more of the state’s decision-making back to local communities, it also gives businesses new opportunities to work with government to create jobs in their communities.”

–   Linda Best, President, Contra Costa Council

“I support and endorse California Forward’s work in bringing forward intelligent reforms which will allow our state to be more functional. I appreciate their work in regards to a 2-year performanced based budget. Like any good business, California needs to hold itself accountable for results.”

–    Rich Wallace, President, Southern California Black Chambers of Commerce

“California’s budget process is broken. Every summer, we end up in a budget crisis, which leads to a lack of confidence in our ability to function as the world’s 9th largest economy. I applaud the work California Forward has put into the Government Performance and Accountability Act (GPAA). This act will establish a 2-year budget cycle which will reduce the instability, and yearly circus that we have come to expect when the budget is due.”

–    Mark Westwood, President, Arrowhead Alliance of the Inland Empire

“California Forward’s efforts to provide local governments with flexibility are to be applauded.  A one-size-fits-all approach is not working for California’s cities. Community needs differ and therefore flexibility is essential.”

–   Theresa Harvey, Executive Director, Fullerton Chamber of Commerce

To learn more about the GPAA, click here. To voice your support and get involved, visit the California Forward Action Fund.


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