Forward Thinker Raquel Beltran educates voters before they head to the polls

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2012 is a big election year and a busy time for the League of Woman Voters. 

As Executive Director of the League of Woman Voters in Los Angeles, she’s giving people the tools needed at the polls:  telling them to pay attention to what their civic leaders are doing; attend meetings and hearings; and register to vote.

“There are six million people eligible to vote but not registered,” Beltran says. “We want to create an environment where people are participating in the election process; that it’s easy and not as time consuming, but that it’s also very important!”

Her work allows her to show people government is accessible and that their opinions and concerns matter and count.

“People are hungry for information. It’s my job to make sure we feed that hunger.  Voting—no matter what the outcome – has results whenever you participate.”

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