Forward Thinker Paul Betancourt pushes for a healthy environment and economy

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California Forward has named Paul Betancourt a Forward Thinker for his work in the agricultural community.

For the past 30 years, he’s been a farmer in the San Joaquin Valley, he’s proud of what he does—in fact, he says it’s easy to advocate and be proud of agriculture.

“Farming is important not only for our community but for the whole state and for the whole world, that’s why it’s easy to be passionate about it, we’ve got great people doing great work,”  says Betancourt.
He believes California’s farmers and their crops will help the state’s economy become more vibrant again.

“We are world class producers with over 300 crops grown in Fresno Valley—Instead of just growing and shipping our crops we need to be the center for nutritional study and developing healthy recipes—these are what will help build our economy,” says Betancourt.

That’s why he’s working so hard to educate others about the importance of farming.  He wants folks to get involved in the political process—tell our elected leaders to ease up on farming regulations.
“I understand the need for regulations but when it becomes too restrictive that it kills an idea, we’re hurting ourselves.”

To read Paul’s full profile, go to our Forward Thinkers page. You may also tell us about a Forward Thinker in your community.


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