We asked, and you answered: Landslide of comments on Framework survey
150 150 Victor Abalos

Nearly 150 of you shared your thoughts on the Smart Government Framework‘s priorities within hours after we released the poll results on Tuesday, letting us know which of the “Five Outcomes” for our state (better education, increased employment, decreased poverty, improved health, decreased crime) that you would prioritize and why.

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Questions of equity and other pitfalls at Central Valley Roundtable
150 150 Felicia Matlosz

The Regional Stakeholder Roundtable in Selma on May 17 attracted dozens of Central Valley business and community leaders who offered spirited feedback on California Forward’s proposed Smart Government framework to fix the state.

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South LA roundtable focuses on how best to get local agencies to work together
150 150 Gina Baleria

At the CA Fwd regional roundtable in South LA on Monday, attendees were open to the ideas outlined in the Smart Government Framework, but skeptical when it came to how to share resources and execute the plan.

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El Monte Roundtable likes ideas, but unsure how to implement
150 150 Agustin Gurza

Local government representatives from throughout Southern California agreed unanimously Monday that state government should be held accountable to measurable outcomes, one of five “smart government” proposals being advanced by California Forward. But, they were less optimistic about how to make it happen.

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What the Framework poll results tell us
150 150 Richard Raya

Over the last few weeks, we asked Californians to weigh in on the latest summary of the Smart Government Framework, an outline course of action to restructure the relationship between state and local governments to produce better results.

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CA’s reform movement underway, even if some don’t know it
150 150 Ed Coghlan

‘I read the cover story in The Economist this week about what the reporter (Andreas Kluth) believes is a dysfunctional government in California. He essentially argues that there’s too much democracy, that the initiative process has created unwieldy ballot box budgeting and that has paralyzed the state. I thought it was very simplistic.

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