Public involvement key to government transparency & accountability, says Raya
150 150 John Guenther

CA Fwd Policy Director Richard Raya has been profiled by InnovatingSMART, an organization working to share stories of people and organizations doing innovative work to create systems that improve lives.

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AB18 comes to a screeching halt
150 150 Mike McMahon

With a strong bipartisan support (74-2) in the Assembly of AB18 last month, it appeared that the Legislature would actually begin to fulfill its constitutional obligation to support our public schools and students. Unfortunately, Assembly Education Committee chair Julia Brownley, pulled the bill from its scheduling hearing in the Senate, essentially shelving it until 2012.

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L.A. County must decide which agency will handle influx of inmates
150 150 Cheryl Getuiza

Two agencies in LA County are battling for the authority to oversee the incoming group of low-risk inmates from the state.

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Strange bedfellows come together to urge passage of CA budget
150 150 Gina Baleria

California’s June 15 budget deadline is moving ever-closer, and today Governor Brown brought together a rarely seen coalition of agriculture, labor, business, education, and law enforcement officials, who voiced support for his plan and urged Republicans to get on board to move the state forward.

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At Downtown LA roundtable, participants concerned about oversimplification
150 150 Kati Koster

At last week’s regional roundtable in Downtown LA, participants expressed support for the Smart Government Framework, but warned that they would need to see more specifics about how areas like education are handled.

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First 5 speaks out against “band-aid” budgeting
150 150 Evelyn V. Martinez

Gov. Jerry Brown claims to be a strong proponent of realigning state government to give counties more control. However, his actions don’t always support his words

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