Jerry Brown

Why the governor’s budget makes California Economic Summit even more important
150 150 Justin Ewers

The Governor’s proposed budget is one of the few times every year voters can find out exactly the plan is for billions in new surpluses and how to keep the economic recovery churning

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California Forward’s comment on Gov. Brown’s budget proposal
150 150 Jim Mayer

The budget would improve fiscal management, bolster the delivery of community services, invest in critical infrastructure and encourage the creation of well-paying jobs.

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California manufacturing — it’s better than you think
150 150 John Guenther

California has more manufacturing jobs than anyone else, and new legislation is intended to keep it that way.

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Could the path to fiscal prudence come through transparency?
150 150 Matthew Grant Anson

Despite deserved good press for getting the bill signed on time, the transparency parade was unable to avoid rain via the governor’s blue pencil.

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Governor’s budget agreement ushers in new era of school spending
150 150 Lenny Mendonca and Cruz Reynoso

The budget deal will significantly simplify and rebalance how the state allocates money among school districts and charter schools serving 6 million students

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Fiscal reforms sacrificed in same old story
150 150 Alan Autry, special to The Sacramento Bee

In today’s Sacramento Bee, former Fresno Mayor Alan Autry takes a closer look at some of the substantive and reformative bills that did not make it off the governor’s desk, including SB 14, which would have helped stabilize the fiscal process, hold lawmakers accountable to the people they serve, and restore some trust in government.

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Unanimous, Bipartisan … and Vetoed
150 150 Jim Mayer and Zabrae Valentine

California faces enormous challenges – making essential public programs work with fewer dollars, helping young people prepare for an uncertain future, and reviving our sick economy. That’s why we are so disappointed that Governor Brown vetoed SB 14 (Wolk), a critical cornerstone to the kind of governance changes that could restore opportunities for Californians — and maybe even confidence and trust in their elected officials.

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Latest Field Poll another reason to support ‘Smart Government’
150 150 Gina Baleria

California voters remain fed up with their legislature, as seen in the latest Field Poll, which finds that people have little confidence in the body charged with passing laws and budgeting taxpayer dollars. Their support for the governor, however, remains steady.

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