Jerry Brown

Election results complicate efforts for structural reform
150 150 Loren Kaye

California voters demonstrated their famed misdirection on Nov. 2, stopping the Republican tsunami at the eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but also sending a strong message about the size and reach of government, and just how far they will trust politicians, once elected to office.

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The bottom line – budgetarily speaking – on 3 propositions (that are now the law of the land)
150 150 Fred Silva

Now that the slate mailers are in the recycling bin, how did this election affect the State’s precarious fiscal condition? Is the 2010-11 state budget still in balance? Is the problem bigger or smaller than it was on Monday, Nov. 1?

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Alex Raksin: The Whitman and Brown debate
150 150 Alex Raksin

The notion that California is the place to “invent the American dream” may have been conjured up by real estate hucksters, but Californians largely accepted this romantic ideal during the 20th Century, thanks not only to the Mamas and the Papas and scores of other Hollywood musicians and movie-makers, but to the Progressive leaders who created a ballot initiative process that gives voters enough clout to act like a Fourth branch of government.

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