CAFwd’s comments to Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State

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California Forward agrees with the Governor that California is in better shape this year. More people are working, the state budget is balanced and money is being saved for the next recession. We are also seeing a continued and historic shift of power from the state to local communities.

While we applaud the Governor and Legislature for the progress they have achieved in bringing government a bit closer to the people, the job to improve and reform California is not nearly done. Indeed, we have much more work ahead of us.

The Governor outlined the right priorities: Put fiscal discipline in the constitution, make decisions closer to the people they affect, and make smart investments in infrastructure, health care and education for the future of California.

California Forward also believes what’s important is how these improvements are made and whether data driven solutions and increased transparency are used to help ensure that these policy decisions truly meet the needs of all Californians.

We look forward to continuing our work with the Governor and the Legislature to shape state, community and regional policies that expand the California Dream for all Californians.

Jim Mayer is the President & CEO of California Forward and a member of its Leadership Council


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