VIDEO: Southern California entrepreneurs doing good while doing well

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In downtown Los Angeles, there’s a cool office that sports a modern kitchen and all the aesthetics of a startup company. But the entrepreneurs working there are not only looking to make money but also to remake communities.

It’s a fairly new strategy with businesses and economic developers throughout California: advancing the triple bottom line. That means working toward a prosperous economy, a sustainable environment and community equity at the same time.

Hub LA, a new membership community, stands out amongst the rest because it was founded on nurturing companies who prioritize the triple bottom line. 

Elizabeth Stewart, named one of 2013’s Most Creative People by Fast Company, brought the Hub to Los Angeles. In a year in a half, Hub LA has been successful in spreading the word.

Now, there are over 30 Hubs across the globe, four in California, each one united by the belief that place can inspire, connect, and enable like-minded people to create meaningful change. Through collaborations, like the Hub network, we can keep California’s regions competitive while providing good jobs and maintaining a high-quality environment.

The California Economic Summit has fielded Action Teams that are working on seven priorities designed to advance the state’s triple bottom line. 

California Forward’s Cheryl Getuiza went to Hub LA to find out more on entrepreneurs “doing good while doing well.”


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