CA Legislator term limit reform passes easily

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While much can and will continue to be said regarding the low voter turnout and results of yesterday’s first ever top two open primary in California, term limit reform was a clear winner statewide. 

Californians for a Fresh Start, which included the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters of California and California Common Cause, released the following joint statement last night regarding the Associated Press and San Francisco Chronicle’s declaration voters had approved Prop 28:

“Prop 28 will do exactly what it says: reduce time in office from 14 to 12 years without extending the terms of any sitting legislators”. 

Despite a failed “Trojan horse” opposition campaign strategy that raised $610,000, a coalition of labor, business and good-government groups prevailed.  

“California voters saw past the last-minute deceptive ads and calls from Prop 28 opponents and voted for this simple improvement to our term limits law. Prop 28 will help make our legislators more accountable and focused on their jobs,” Said Jennifer A. Waggoner, President, League of Women Voters of California.

 “With the passage of Proposition 28 yesterday, we are continuing these election reforms [Citizens Redistricting Commission and the Top Two Primary]. The members of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce can take great pride in championing these groundbreaking efforts and statewide partnerships to improve elections and governance for the benefit of the citizens of California, business and the economy of our state,” said Gary Toebben, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. 

“Voters viewed Proposition 28 as a straight-forward remedy to the broken status quo.  Common Cause will continue to support reforms that will strengthen the accountability of public officials and weaken the power of special interests’ influence,” said Phillip Ung, Policy Advocate for California Common Cause.

California Forward Action Fund Director Kristin Connelly sent this message to supporters leading up to the election: “As you and I know, our Legislature needs fixing. Prop 28 won’t solve all of our problems, but it’s an important reform that will help make our representatives more accountable.” 


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