The CASA Compact is the “all of the above” strategy the Bay Area needs to address its housing crisis

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The CA Fwd Leadership Council released the following statement today:

With millions of Californians struggling to pay for housing, CA Fwd supports the goal and vision of the recently adopted Committee to House the Bay Area (CASA) Compact—a comprehensive plan to protect residents, preserve existing housing, and produce the affordable and market-rate housing the Bay Area desperately needs.

CA Fwd has made the case for years that any statewide solution to the state’s housing crisis must achieve all three of these goals, and the CA Fwd Leadership Council applauds CASA for developing a regional compact that reflects a hard-won compromise between many of the same interests that must be part of any statewide housing solution—including business, labor, local governments, environmentalists, and equity groups.

For California to successfully address its housing crisis and meet Governor Newsom’s goal of producing 3.5 million new housing units, every region is going to have to take immediate, decisive action—with stakeholders working together for the greater good and local and state elected officials championing proposals that will actually bring down housing costs.

CA Fwd does not expect the policies developed in the Bay Area to work in every region, but it is heartening to see one of the communities at the epicenter of the state’s affordability crisis embracing a strategy for taking on its housing challenges.

The CA Fwd Leadership Council congratulates the Committee to House the Bay Area for its work and urges other regions to follow suit—developing their own compacts, with their own solutions, and providing state leaders with the support they need to encourage every community to build their fair share of housing. 


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