CA controller to hold lawmakers accountable for on-time budget

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California state controller John Chiang has taken a bold step by announcing to lawmakers that if they don’t get a budget passed on time, they will stop receiving paychecks until the work is done.

That deadline is June 15, less than two weeks away.

Lawmakers say they thought they satisfied the requirements of Prop 25 by passing a budget bill in March, but Chiang disagreed.

“In passing Proposition 25 last November, voters clearly stated they expect their representatives to make the difficult decisions needed to resolve any budget shortfalls by the mandatory deadline, or be penalized,” Chiang said in a statement. “I will enforce the voters’ demand.”

California Forward did not take a position on Prop 25, but we applaud efforts to hold our leaders accountable and encourage their work to be transparent and of benefit to the people of the state.

Governor Jerry Brown says he supports Chiang’s plan. If legislators want to challenge Chiang’s decision, they would have to sue him.

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