Jewelian Johnson

I grew up in Fairfield, a mid-sized town in the Central Valley in a household plagued by systemic barriers. I graduated from California High School. After, I came to Stockton and was embraced by a community at San Joaquin Delta College that allowed me to flourish and get accepted to the University of California, Berkeley to major in African American Studies and Political Science on the Pre-Law track.

In that span, since I’ve come to Stockton, I’ve had the opportunity to intern under former Mayor Michael Tubbs researching policy, established an ongoing equity committee for Delta College’s student government to continue collaboration with the college’s leadership in pushing for better success metrics, and served in several statewide education committees under the Chancellor’s office for the community college system with a particular focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and basic needs aside from other various issues. Additionally, I have had experience serving as a leader with various nonprofit organizations such as the ACLU, Public Health Advocates, and Critical Resistance.

Currently, I am working through my third year of college while serving as a youth advisor for Allcove mental health service and working to build a collective movement within my city.