Jazmine Chism

Jazmine Chism is a rising-sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles majoring in pre-Human Biology and Society with an emphasis in Bioethics and Public Science Policy. Jazmin is passionate about supporting racial equity through healthcare and education. Chism has been impacted and motivated by her experiences as a first-generation African-American woman dealing with the healthcare and higher education systems in the United States.

Chism’s experience watching the ways in which her family had been impacted by disease fueled her personal imperative to find cures for these illnesses and guided her decision to pursue a career in healthcare. Chism’s path journey in public policy started as the result of her learning about the tremendous health disparities that historically harm the Black community. She was motivated to suffering into action.

Chisms’s advocacy experience includes her work with Academic Supports Program, which is a student-run program that supports Black student retention at UCLA and research contributions to Melanin and Medicine under the Woman and Community Health Pathway. She contributed to community-distributed brochure providing affordable resources for maternal and child health in low-income communities. Chism is an active member of the Young Invincibles. She is excited to gain more experience in advocacy, learn more about the legislative process and the intersection between community health and policy.