Abigail Mighell

Abigail Mighell is a recent graduate of the University of California, Davis where she earned her B.A. in Political Science and History in June 2021. She is dedicated to building a more resilient and sustainable California through her policy focus areas of health and environmental policy.

During her time at UC Davis Abigail conducted research on California water policy and the connection between socioeconomic status, environmental conditions, and health. She served as a 2021 Health Equity Scholar through the California Initiative for Health Equity & Action, a program that educates young scholars on health policy issues facing our state. Abigail further expanded her policy experience by recently interning with the Local Government Commission, a non-profit focused on building sustainable communities nationwide, and with the California State Assembly.

She is currently working at an environmental policy consulting firm in Sacramento and is excited to contribute to the 2021 YLAC cohort. Mighell firmly believes that building a stronger California requires intergenerational collaboration on policy and outreach, and she is thrilled to be supporting this through her contributions to YLAC.