2017 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity

The 2017 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity sharpens focus on upward mobility in a new era and advances an action plan to take on the Summit’s One Million Challenges–each one vital to expanding sustainable economic growth in California.

What’s In The Roadmap

Following significant wins in 2016 and work completed by more than 500 Californians at the 2016 California Economic Summit, the updated Roadmap provides a non-partisan, regions-based framework for sustainable growth — and a model for the rest of the country amid the story of division nationally

    • One million more skilled workers: The Summit has set a goal of closing the workforce “skills gap” by supporting the formation of regional civic organizations that can align the state’s expansive training and education programs with the needs of employers.
    • One million more homes: In 2017, the Summit will advance an “all of the above” solution to increase affordability by offering incentives to communities that expand their supply of housing near jobs and transit.
    • One million more acre-feet of water each year: The Summit is helping state and regional leaders accelerate progress toward integrated water projects within watersheds that capture stormwater and replenish groundwater, improve efficiency and reuse, and reduce flooding and water pollution.

What Are People Saying About The Summit

“Particularly post-election, I think the lesson we learned is that there is a danger in really perpetuating two classes of citizens and the California Economic Summit really gives an opportunity to bridge that and focus on building on California for everyone. And by bringing together experts in education, in workforce, in housing, in water, all the things that really make up a better California, if we can bring them together, it’s critical that now is the time that we come up with solutions that benefit all Californians.”  
-California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley