Nina Cheek

Nina Cheek, holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a specialized focus on environmental health and sustainability from the University of California, Davis.

With experience as the Workforce and Public Policy Fellow at the Economic Development Board, Nina has made significant contributions to initiatives related to workforce development and public policy. Her strategic thinking and commitment have shaped approaches to address economic challenges and promote sustainable growth.

Currently serving as the Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator at the Career Technical Education Foundation, Nina is excited to contribute to an organization that champions Career Technical Education and its positive impact on students’ lives.

A firm believer in the power of networking and collaboration, Nina actively seeks opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful connections and expanding her horizons.

Nina finds inspiration in nature, relishing outdoor activities that connect her with the environment. In her leisure time, Nina values quality moments with her loved ones, cherishing the bonds she shares with family and friends. Her passion for cooking allows her to create culinary delights and savor delightful meals with those closest to her.