VIDEO: Lenny Mendonca Shares Newsom Administration Priorities

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Earlier this month, the new chief economic and business advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom, Lenny Mendonca, provided an agenda overview in the above webinar focusing on how the administration will work to restore the California Dream.

Lenny Mendonca, former co-chair of the California Economic Summit Steering Committee and recently appointed director of the Office of Business and Economic Development, shared the new administration’s priorities related to business and economic development, and responded to questions from the California Economic Summit network of partners.

The administration's plans are focusing on investments in:

  • Housing
  • Education, Workforce Development and Incentive to Work
  • Economic Development Tools
  • Digital Innovation

CA Fwd president and CEO Jim Mayer facilitated the webinar. According to Mendonca, the administration’s goal of building an upward economy for all will be achieved through:

  • Enabling sustainable economic growth
  • Lowering the cost of housing and healthcare
  • Promoting California globally
  • Supporting regions rising together
  • Blending capital deployment
  • Shaping and preparing the workforce of the future

You can view the webinar here. (NOTE: Due to technical difficulties the first eight minutes of the webinar were not recorded.  You will join the webinar in progress.)

The webinar's presentation slides may be viewed here. For more information, contact Chris Dombrowski, Chief Deputy Director at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development at


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