Video: GO-Biz on CA business climate & educating our workforce

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It’s a brand new year. Yet the hot topic on the minds of many remains the same—what does California need to do in order to get our economy as robust as it used to be?

California Governor Jerry Brown has made it a priority to do what he can to bring the state back to its glory days.

His office of business and economic development was charged with doing just that. Kish Rajan was appointed Director of GO-Biz in September 2012. His job sounds simple: work closely with the Governor’s Senior Jobs Advisor Mike Rossi to lead the executive team in streamlining services for business leaders and enhancing job creation, economic development and international trade statewide.

But there are many challenges that must be met.

California Forward sat down with him recently to discuss the state’s business climate and how to educate the next-generation workforce.

Here’s part one in our two-part interview.


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