VIDEO: Governor candidates make their case for how to renew CA Dream

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With nearly 18 million Californians living in or near poverty, the next governor of the Golden State faces an economy, housing market and jobs picture that is increasingly challenging for more and more people.

When more than 500 civic, business and community members gathered in San Diego for the 2017 California Economic Summit in November, attendees had a front-row seat to the ideas of state leaders seeking to be that next governor.

Recognizing the diverse array of leaders who came together in San Diego, four gubernatorial candidates marked the Summit as an opportunity to talk about solutions to the state's nagging issues hurting economic mobility here. Candidate and former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin also spoke with CA Fwd to weigh in on the state's prosperity problems.

The candidates' view of California's poverty problem and how the state should use higher education and workforce training to fight it are included in the latest video from CA Fwd.

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