Two key state budget initiatives pass out of committee

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California Forward would like to thank the Senate Governance and Finance Committee for showing much-needed leadership and passing Senate Bills 14 and 15.

SB 14 would mandate performance-based budgeting, and SB 15 would require multi-year budgeting and forecasting, two critically needed measures to ensure sanity and reason in California’s budget process.

Senators Lois Wolk and Mark DeSaulnier championed these measures, and Senator Bob Huff has been critical to the passage of SB 14.

After SB 14 passed, Senator Wolk told CA Fwd she is optimistic that it will ultimately become law, because performance-based budgeting has bipartisan support, as well as support in both the Senate and Assembly.

“It’s really important that every dollar that we spend, we spend it wisely and that there be excellent oversight over the taxpayer dollar, so that we get the most from our money,” said Wolk. “We have to first set out our goals, figure out how we get there, how we know if we’ve been successful. Then, at the end of that, we know whether programs as they are currently structured get us closer to the goal and achieve what we want. If not, we change it. We figure out how to do it better.”

The bills now go before the Senate Appropriations Committee.


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