League of Women Voters of California hails voters’ confirmation of redistricting reform

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On Nov. 2, California voters decisively rejected Proposition 27 and the attempt to destroy the far-reaching redistricting reform passed by the voters in 2008. The League of Women Voters of California (LWVC) hails the election result. Californians understood that Prop. 27 was a politicians’ scheme to seize power from the voters and avoid accountability. They saw it for what it was, and stopped it dead in its tracks.

Proposition 20, which adds congressional redistricting to the work of the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, also passed on Nov. 2. The voters have spoken, and while the League opposed Prop. 20 as premature, we reaffirm our commitment to doing our utmost to make the redistricting process—now including congressional districts—to work well for the people of California.

The League remains committed to working with our partners in the government reform and voting rights communities to achieve the best possible implementation of the Citizens Redistricting Commission that Californians have so clearly stated they want. League members will continue to monitor the process, educate the public, and engage in grass roots efforts to empower communities and neighborhoods across the state to fully participate in all phases of the mapping process.

With this election behind us, it’s time for the commission and all Californians to get to work and make redistricting reform a reality for California.

For more information, or to sign up for redistricting updates, visit the LWVC redistricting page.


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