Happy Holidays from CA FWD!

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2010 has brought with it some exciting and real steps toward repairing our broken government – from the top two open primary to a reaffirmation of redistricting. We look forward to continuing down the path to a shinier Golden State in 2011 – with your help, your ideas, and your support.

Here are just some of the wishes the staff of CA Fwd have for our state and everyone who lives here:

“My holiday wish for all Californians is be empowered and feel that they really can affect positive change in our governmental structures that will result in a better California for all of us.”
Caroline Vance 
Coalitions Associate

“My wish for California is that every Californian feels included in our government, so we can plan for California’s future together.”
Malka Kopell
Redistricting Reform Implementation and Civic Engagement

“My wish is that all Californians have hope for the future.”
Kate Martin
Project Support Supervisor

“This New Year, my wish is that all of us — all Californians — remember that we share a common humanity, and we are at our best when we act from that common humanity, focus on what binds us together and where we can find common ground, and face our challenges with realism, pragmatism, compassion, and humility together. If we do that, there’s no problem we can’t solve!”
Kathy Armstrong
Project Consultant

“Better education leads to better jobs, which in turn lead to a healthier population, less crime, and ultimately less pressure on the state budget. The three largest line items in the state budget – Education, Health & Human Services, and Public Safety – are fundamentally interrelated. These programs should work together, be held accountable for outcomes, and be rewarded for successes that reduce pressure on the state budget. Along these lines, I have five holiday wishes for Californians in the new year:
1.More Californians graduate from high school.
2. More Californians are employed.
3. Fewer Californians live in poverty.
4. More Californians improve their health.
5. Californians experience less crime in their neighborhoods and cities.
With the new year and a new governor come new opportunities for operational reform. California Forward looks forward to working on an operational reform proposal that reflects the values and aspirations of all Californians.”
Richard Raya
Policy Director

“I wish people would take a moment to stop trying to find reasons to disagree with everything they hear and, just for that moment, consider someone else’s idea — listen to it without reacting out of fear or anger or anxiety or all three. We all know in our hearts what needs to get done. We just need to stop being scared and trust in ourselves and each other to get it done.”
Victor Abalos
Communications Director

“I wish all Californians a bit of time to reflect.  Spending time with our friends and families helps us remember the big picture and where we fit in it together.”
Vance Hickin
Interactive Manager

“It is my sincere hope for the New Year that Californians speak up for their neighborhood, their city, their county and most importantly their Golden State!”
Armando Botello II
Communications Associate

“My holiday wish for California and all Californians is an opportunity to have time to enjoy the people they love the most in life — millions of Californians work so hard to make this state so great, and it is so important to get time to enjoy the company of loved ones.  My loved ones inspire me to work for a better California every day!”
Kristin Connelly
Partnership Coordinator  

“My wish for all Californians is that they have a sense of trust and community in their neighborhoods. Bake some cookies for a neighbor and bring them by to say “Happy Holidays.” It’s amazing what a small gesture can do.”
Stacy Danielson
Events Coordinator

“I wish that we all do our part to help make California great again, take action when we have the opportunity to do so, and continue talking, listening, and learning from each other.”
Gina Baleria
Communications Manager

“My wish for the new year is that we all really listen to each other!”
Virginia Hamilton
Project Director

“Californians – Emboldened and confident we can together gain a new vision of our state, and how it will again be a beacon of hope, prosperity, health and sustainability for all.  Together, we can renew our citizenship and the strength of a vibrant democracy in service to one another.”
Stephen Reed
Project Planning Consultant – Higher Education

“I would simply ask my fellow Californians to use their turn signals more frequently when changing lanes or turning onto a street.  If we can use our turn signals, then we can fix California!”
Ash Roughani
Project Associate

“My holiday wish is for us as Californians to maximize the positive impacts we have in our communities, agree to disagree with respect and love, and work constructively towards creating a better future.”
Danielle Williams
Project Assistant

“I wish for California to have happy, educated kids and livable creative communities.”
Jessica Williams
Regional Partnership Coordinator

“I wish all Californians the happiest of holidays and a new year filled with peace of mind, good health, and much joy!”
Skyler Porras
Coalitions Director

“My wish for Californians is that they have a rewarding, mind-expanding 2011, filled with reasons to believe their government really truly is working for them. A better course for the state is in sight (to be continued in 2012, with gusto…).”
Zabrae Valentine
Deputy Director

Happy Holidays, from CA FWD!

Gina Baleria is the communications manager at California Forward. 


Gina Baleria

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