2011 Bay Area economy: Glimmers amid gloom

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As we wrap up 2010 and prepare to enter 2011, The Bay Citizen editor-in-chief Jonathan Weber breaks down the good and the bad for the Bay Area (and California) economy for the New York Times.

From Weber’s column in Sunday’s Times:

“Despite the season, it’s hard to be jolly about what lies ahead for the Bay Area economy. The recovery should continue next year, but slowly, and the list of fiscal woes remains long.

But before I get to detailing the big economic challenges of 2011, it’s worth enumerating reasons to feel good about what the new year might hold.

SILICON VALLEY IS PERKING UP In social media and mobile computing, the cognoscenti are debating whether the current frenzy is a boom or a bubble. Either way, it’s starting to make a dent in unemployment as companies like Google and Facebook hire every smart person they can. Traditional computer and communications equipment firms are seeing an upturn, too, which bodes well for the Valley’s ability to lead the state out of recession…”

Jonathan Weber is the editor-in-chief of the Bay Citizen.


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