Forward Thinker Peter Repovich works for a safer and economically successful community

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California Forward has named Peter Repovich as a Forward Thinker for his dedication to protect and serve the citizens of Los Angeles even when he’s not wearing his badge.

He’s been an officer for the Los Angeles Police Department for 28 years.   He’s seen the area go through many ups and down—and understands that making Los Angeles more economically vibrant will help the city attain new levels of security and prosperity.

This commitment is the reason he serves on the Board of Directors for the LA Police Protective League (LAPPL). Repovich’s passion is helping find ways to make the city run more efficiently within the political process.

Repovich believes L.A. can get back on track through a combination of infrastructure improvements, modernization, and capitalizing on major draws like the Farmers Field project. But he also understands the difficulties of pursuing these policies when battered budgets prompt state to cut back on the dollars it gives local governments.

“When state revenue slows, so do monies to fund Sacramento’s initiatives, which ends up putting an unfair burden on cities. That’s a big problem.”

Repovich believes involvement in civic affairs and the political process is key, and people in the community must pay attention to what’s going on every single day.

“Community involvement is key to keeping a healthy, economically progressive, politically transparent and well balanced government.”

To read Peter’s full profile, go to our Forward Thinkers page. You may also tell us about a Forward Thinker you know in your community.


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